CSAW '21 Embedded Security Challenge Reports

Our qualification and final reports on the CSAW '21 Embedded Security Challenge

CSAW '20 Embedded Security Challenge Report

Our final report on the CSAW '20 Embedded Security Challenge

CSAW 19 Embedded Security Challenge Report

We present the emulator that we built for CSAW ESC 19 and our solutions for the proposed challenges.

Facebook CTF

Facebook CTF 2019

Trend Micro CTF 2019 libChakraCore.so

ChakraCore javascript engine exploitation

WCTF 2019 BabyPwn

CryptoPwn Windows challenge

BOH Challenges

Can you pwn my custom PL?

Fuzzing like the Legendary Super Saiyan

A little green bug has come to get squashed! An introduction to fuzzers and to AFL.

Transient Execution Attacks explained to your Grandma

An overview of the state of the art of techniques that leak secrets through the CPU’s microarchitectural state.

Flare-On5 #12, a trip into bootkits and esoteric ISAs

A walkthrough of the last and most difficult problem of the Flare-On Challenge 2018.

Flare-On 2017 writeups

Flare-On 2017 1-6 writeups

Dump e analisi di un binario con soli permessi di esecuzione in Linux

ECSC Training talk



A dummy allocator ptmalloc-inspired that we use to introduce n00bs to heap exploitation
07 Apr 2019