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CTF Team composed of students of Sapienza, University of Rome and alumns of CyberChallengeIT.

We are just born, stay tuned and look how we become big.

Contact us at theromanxpl0it@gmail.com

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CTF Place
nullcom HackIM 2018 70th
EvlzCTF 2018 30th
Harekaze 2018 26th
SharifCTF 8 8th
AceBear Security Contest 15th
Insomni'hack Teaser 2018 61st
3DSCTF 2017 5th
HXP 2017 67th
Codeblue 2017 15th
Hitcon CTF 2017 80th
Hack.lu CTF 2017 23rd
Hack Dat Kiwi CTF 2017 33rd
DefCamp CTF 2017 41st
Backdoor CTF 2017 30th
CodeFest CTF 2017 1st

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